Gamification is not playing games. It’s using game principles in business contexts.

Gamification is the application of game elements, mechanics and techniques to various non-traditional gaming areas. Digital Gamification is changing the way trainings are delivered. Gamification keeps users engaged and motivated by using point scoring, competitions, leaderboard and more. It enables intuitive learning and immersive experiences for better content delivery.

From ‘User Interaction’ changing gaming to ‘Game Changing’ consumer interaction! That’s Gamification defining the modern consumer!

We at Underdogs are passionate about bespoke eLearning content, platforms and capability building consultancy. We help you Gamify the problem statement and improve performance, change behaviors thus help companies generate a big return on investment. We know gamification attracts learners, but our experience shows that transformative learning design is the key to lasting behavioral change for the consumer. We make games, simulations and platforms. Our work produces playful results that deliver outstanding outcomes. We are inventors, creatives, designers, psychologists, strategists, coders, technologists and producers – but above all we are geeks who love making interesting applications that deliver amazing outcomes. Founded back in September 2011 Underdogs studios has been amongst the global players in serious simulation games and gamification.

Intellectual Property

We at UnderDOGS Studios offer comprehensive solutions to help you design, develop and market your game from start to finish. Along with that we also specialize in building comprehensive end-to-end solutions for affordable game design and development with in-house owned game IP's across categories such as Simulation etc.
As one of the top game design companies in the industry, our team of 15+ artists, designers and developers have worked on numerous game IP's for PC, consoles, web and mobile platforms. From side-scrolling 2D platform IP's to multi-player RPGs with VR integration to casual online, social and mobile games we’ve designed and developed a number of fun and exciting in-house IP's.
We adapt to the latest tools and frameworks in the market and work with game engines like Unity3D, Cocos2d-x and Unreal as well as technologies like HTML5, Angular JS and others to build such high quality games.
So come and talk to us to explore how these IP's can accelerate your business needs.


We at UnderDOGS think out of the box leveraging Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D simulation technologies to develop cutting-edge interactive, engaging and immersive products for Industry verticals.
Our products cut across a range of industrial and service sectors, whilst addressing some of the most pressing skilling and learning challenges.
Laced with the highest degree of interactivity and backed by assessment-driven Agile approach, our products enable our customers to retentively learn some of the most difficult concepts with ease.
With a strong focus on continuous innovation, our multi-talented in-house team of 'rockstar' designers, artists, developers, and engineers work tirelessly to bring about a revolutionary transformation and disruption in the sectors we operate in.

Game Dev Partner

We at UnderDOGS create games using all the advantages and features of the lastest Game development technology and platforms. Choose between 3 game packages:

Basic game : You deliver the game idea and content, we digitalise it and suggest game improvements.

Advanced game : We closely work together to build a unique game and storyline with content you provide - Fully Customized to your needs.

Premium game : We create a full game from scratch, including all content creation, character design and testing with IP ownership options etc.

In addition to the above if you really want to spice up your game - Our team has many different creative to customise your project and give it that splendid touch.

  • Storytelling : We come up with unique storylines and create all content to bring it alive.

  • Design : Our design team creates a look and feel and characters that fit your story.

  • Development : We develop new features and challenges depending on your needs.