about us

Founded back in September 2011, UNDERDOGS Gaming Studio is a team of proficient game makers with a goal to develop and publish Intellectual Properties matching international standards.
Having developed over 200+ games and around a dozen self-published titles UNDERDOGS has a wide presence on Android, Amazon, and iOS App store. Skatelander being a flagship title with decent accolades last year, we are now focused on making sustainable and successful games on Mobile and PC.

Why UnderDOGS ?

Proactive Thought Leadership

We at UnderDOGS consistently hear from clients transitioning to us from other agencies that the way UD drives business by adding value and being engaged as a strategic partner is unlike anything they previously experienced. We strive to be seen as a partner who not only executes against our clients' strategies but also provides the insights and thought leadership that fuel them. This type of proactive thinking through Gamification and ownership over delivering profitable growth happens every day throughout our organization – business managers scouring the landscape for execution opportunities, retail managers tweaking routing patterns, the Client Team delivering strategic leadership, and our most Senior Executives actively engaged in your business.

Leading Edge Technology

UD teams are armed with the industry's most innovative game platform technology for collecting, analyzing, and delivering data in an actionable format. Building and delivering Cross-platform solutions helps the client turn around faster and more intelligent with the right consumer data. Analytics, Insights​​ & Intelligence made by the teams at UD helps the client make proactive, insight-based recommendations at the execution level. Gamification data and User behavior generates effectiveness of trade-promotion and optimizes distribution, pricing, and assortment.

Closer to 'You' as the Customer

UnderDOGS does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We collaborate closely with clients to develop tailored, flexible Gaming solutions designed to suit specific needs and maximize results. The solutions we develop are also scalable and continuously evolving to meet changing demands.

Sameer Mahuli
Vaibhav Chavan
Sankesh More
Hayungsha Baglary
Amit Aware
Abhishek Mande
  • "Maximize User engagement and lifetime value, using gamification, social and communication tools. From frontend to back office, UnderDOGS blends the best of gamification and behavioral psychology."

  • "We at UnderDOGS believe that Gamification is not playing games. It’s using game principles in business contexts for better results."

  • "We at UnderDOGS create Entertainment Experiences that Enable People to Master Skills and Concepts in Virtual Worlds and Develop Tools that Provide Game-Based Solutions for Real World Problems."