Parking Evolution 3D

Parking game at its best!
100 super awesome challenging parking levels in a beautiful 3D city environment,

Parking Evolution 3D brings out the real driving genius in you.




Skateboarding fans, test the speed of your eyes and fingers to leap and avoid the many pitfalls of this skateboarding world

  Smash Rider

The biggest robbery/heist in the town has taken place. Guess who did it, it's you! RUN as far as you can!
DODGE the traffic and Cops!

  World Of Brains

Classic puzzle game.
The game really needs smart brains.
Control the green monsters to supply the brain to pass the game! There are 40 levels in the game for you to pass!!




A car-parking- simulating game made with Unity 3D engine.
Your target is to park your car into the given place. You have 3 chances of car crash; Reach destination, Get 3 stars! But it is not so easy!

  Chubby SuperHero Survival

Play as Chubby and survive the end of the world by avoiding the falling firestones. With incredible powers and super antics he will entertain you to the most. Here's your chance to save the world by saving yourself first. Go go go!

  Mega Snakes And Laddders

Classic ancient board game originated in 19th Century.

The first player to square 100 is the winner but you must have the correct number on the dice to land on the 100 mark.

  Big Bus Parking

Big Bus Parking is an all new 3D parking game where you have to park your grand bus in specified parking slot. Simple yet addictive bus simulator with realistic controls and dynamic physics.


    Job Openings


      1. Work directly with the Core team to create 3D and 2D artwork
      1. Focused on 3D characterization and creation, work closely with the development team to implement it in the games
      1. Specialities include 3D modeling, rigging and animating the same
      1. Part of 2D texturing and animation section to bring out great user experience and interface
      1. 2+ years of experience
      1. Expertise in 3D tools like Maya, 3D Max, Zbrush, Blender etc.
      1. Intermediate expertise in Photoshop and Flash
      1. Well versed in modeling and rigging 3D assets
      1. Strong portfolio with previous experience
      1. An excellent team player with good communication and organisation skills
      1. Adaptability towards multiple projects and roles
      1. Good communication skills
      1. Strong team player, passionate, committed, initiative nature and good energy
      1. Passion for games
      1. Previous experience in mobile games is a bonus

      1. Develop top quality 2D and 3D games for Android, iOS and Windows using Unity 3D engine
      1. Write well designed, efficient and code using C# / JavaScript
      1. Quick prototyping of the ideas
      1. Architect the code for memory and performance optimisation
      1. 2+ years of experience in Unity game engine with experience with games of AA/AAA quality and have at least 3 games under credit
      1. Knowledge of UNREAL game engine is a plus
      1. Comfortable with developing various modules like UI, game environment and gameplay logic
      1. Adequate understanding of coding concepts
      1. Experience in performance optimisations
      1. Excellent team player with good interpersonal skills
      1. Passion for games and have played loads of games
      1. Curiosity towards new things happening in gaming technology
      1. Should not just work, be creative and show enthusiasm throughout the day
  • Timeline

    Founded in September 2011:

    underDOGS Gaming Private Limited is founded on 11th September 2011.

    underDOGS Team

    (From left) Sankesh More, Amit Aware, Vaibhav Chavhan and Abhishek Wankhede

    Cracking Augmented Reality

    First demo of Augmented Reality presented by UD.

    First Press Article:

    Press Article in The Indian Express for the our first bollywood game, YEH KHULA AASMAAN.


    About Us

    Founded in 2011, underDOGS Gaming Private limited is India's most lean mobile game development and publishing company. With expertise in Unity 3D, we exist on major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon and Blackberry.

    With over seven years of experience working across gaming industry right from idea generation to Go-live, Vaibhav exuberates compelling passion towards game making. While heading the company he looks after the overall game production, business development and day to day management of the company. Under his able leadership, the company and team has grown from garage to grandeur in a very short time.

    Artist may create and develop specific part of an art piece or scene, but it takes a visionary foresight of an art director to connect the dots and deliver the overall visual impact, stimulate the mood and appeal the target audience psychologically. Sankesh, while delivering this responsibility efficiently, makes sure the brainstormed ideas are converted into reality when the game goes live. This super foodie has a voracious appetite and passion for gaming too.

    With the ability to convert trash into treasured art, Amit heads the creative division. Throw him most difficult of a concept and you have the simplified visuals ready in the next moment. He can sit in front of a painting for hours and imagine a world out of it. With a proficiency in graphic designing, artwork and concept development; creativity thy name is Amit.

    A high potential team is incomplete without having a NERD on board they say. Hence we have Abhishek. Even after being the youngest member of the team, Abhishek takes the responsibility of adding life in terms of motion to the whole game. As the tech lead for gaming, this chess lover knows how to check mate the bugs and program the game so that it functions to its fullest potential.

    Contact Us

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    Underdogs Gaming Private Limited
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    Vidyavihar (West), Mumbai - 400086

    Phone: +91 9833575804

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